Fabric System

Our clothing was created for the water. Our clothing performs on the water.

In 2002 we decided to move away from high profile branded fabrics to give us greater flexibility in order to continue to produce the best product there is. Whether you are walking in rain or battling with the elements out on the water, all of our fabrics offer you the latest technology so you get the best protection, comfort and fit possible.


Today all fabrics are breathable so the choice comes down to the handle and feel, which is affected by the weight, density of the weave, and whether the proofing is a coating or laminate.


Coatings are a more traditional approach to proofing a garment. A Polyurethane based resin is spread onto a woven fabric. It first has to fill in the weave undulations to seal it and then build up a layer that covers it all evenly. Finally, the fabric is dipped into a DWR solution for water repellence on the exterior.


Laminates are a more recent development. A laminated waterproof fabric is created by bonding a thin membrane to a woven outer layer. This means the thickness of this laminate film can be finely controlled. The end result is a fabric that is lighter and waterproof. It is more flexible, softer and much more comfortable to wear.



Conventional waterproof fabrics fall into three main categories:

Two Layer Fabric


Generally lighter than most fabrics this features on our Inshore / Coastal Sailing & Dinghy gear.

  1. A woven textile with a laminated or coated finish on the inside.
  2. A lining protects the coated surface, making it more comfortable to wear.

Three Layer Fabric


This fabric features on our Race Fusion Jacket, Smock & Salopette.

  1. Woven textile with laminated or coated finish on the inside.
  2. Protective lining for the coated surface, making it more comfortable to wear.
  3. Lightweight mesh is then bonded on the inside of the fabric.

Four Layer Fabric


For the toughest conditions this fabric features on our Race Ocean, OS1 Ocean, 4802 Pro Drysuit.

  1. Robust protective material, abrasion resistant, water repellent.
  2. Hydrophilic coating to channel moisture away from the body.
  3. Hydrophobic laminate, flexible waterproof barrier to repel water, but still allows water vapour to escape.
  4. Ultra-lightweight wicking scrim to protect the waterproof layers from damage.

FireCell Technology


Our FireCell fabric keeps you dry, warm and comfortable during extreme conditions on the water, this fabric features on our RS16 Race Firecell Skiff Suit, RS17 Race Firecell Top.

  1. Protective nylon outer that defends against wear and tear.
  2. FireCell thermal pockets trap air to create an extra level of warmth.
  3. Plush Thermogrid liner insulates and retains body heat.