When out on the open water, having clothing that can help you stay safe, protected and dry is vitally important. 

At Gill, we specialise in the creation and sale of the highest quality sailing wear on the market.

An important part of any sailing attire arrangement is trousers. Our legs are important to our stability, energy and movement, and need to be protected and kept warm and dry. This is where high quality waterproof trousers from Gill come in.

Gill’s range includes waterproof sailing trousers that are robust, tough and designed to allow wearers to tackle even the most challenging conditions when out on the water.

Our selection of waterproof trousers come with water repellent finishes and are designed to stand the test of time, preventing damage from wear and tear.

Gill’s range also features crew trousers for men and women that are made using a smart cotton twill fabric and feature a classical design. 

Gill marine trousers have been developed to the very highest standards, so be sure to take a look through our range and find your ideal purchase today.

Take a look through our full marine clothing range, including our excellent jackets, base layers and salopettes.